Class IndexMapping


public final class IndexMapping
extends java.lang.Object

This class is a wrapper for a list of mappings between indices. It is used when removing duplicate records and specifies the new index for cells which have the duplicate format

Field Summary
private  int[] newIndices
          The array of new indexes for an old one
Constructor Summary
(package private) IndexMapping(int size)
Method Summary
 int getNewIndex(int oldIndex)
          Gets the new cell format index
(package private)  void setMapping(int oldIndex, int newIndex)
          Sets a mapping
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Field Detail


private int[] newIndices
The array of new indexes for an old one
Constructor Detail


IndexMapping(int size)
Method Detail


void setMapping(int oldIndex,
                int newIndex)
Sets a mapping


public int getNewIndex(int oldIndex)
Gets the new cell format index