Interface WritableCell

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Blank, Boolean, jxl.write.biff.CellValue, DateTime, Formula, Label, Number

public interface WritableCell
extends Cell

The interface for all writable cells

Method Summary
 WritableCell copyTo(int col, int row)
          A deep copy.
 void setCellFormat(CellFormat cf)
          Sets the cell format for this cell
Methods inherited from interface jxl.Cell
getCellFormat, getColumn, getContents, getRow, getType, isHidden

Method Detail


public WritableCell copyTo(int col,
                           int row)
A deep copy. The returned cell still needs to be added to the sheet. By not automatically adding the cell to the sheet, the client program may change certain attributes, such as the value or the format

col - the column which the new cell will occupy
row - the row which the new cell will occupy
a copy of this cell, which can then be added to the sheet


public void setCellFormat(CellFormat cf)
Sets the cell format for this cell

cf -