Class WritableFormattingRecords


public class WritableFormattingRecords
extends FormattingRecords

Handles the Format and XF record indexing. The writable subclass instantiates the predetermined list of XF records and formats present in every Excel Workbook

Field Summary
static WritableCellFormat normalStyle
          The statically defined normal style
Fields inherited from class jxl.biff.FormattingRecords
customFormatStartIndex, fonts, formats, formatsList, maxFormatRecordsIndex, nextCustomIndexNumber, xfRecords
Constructor Summary
WritableFormattingRecords(Fonts f)
Methods inherited from class jxl.biff.FormattingRecords
addFormat, addStyle, getDateFormat, getFonts, getFormatRecord, getNumberFormat, getNumberOfFormatRecords, getXFRecord, isDate, write
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Field Detail


public static WritableCellFormat normalStyle
The statically defined normal style
Constructor Detail


public WritableFormattingRecords(Fonts f)
Constructor. Instantiates the prerequisite list of formats and styles required by all Excel workbooks
f - the list of Fonts