Class MarginRecord

Direct Known Subclasses:
BottomMarginRecord, LeftMarginRecord, RightMarginRecord, TopMarginRecord

abstract class MarginRecord
extends RecordData

Abstract class containing the margin value for top,left,right and bottom margins

Field Summary
private  double margin
          The size of the margin
Fields inherited from class jxl.biff.RecordData
code, record
Constructor Summary
protected MarginRecord(Type t, Record r)
          Constructs this record from the raw data
Method Summary
(package private)  double getMargin()
          Accessor for the margin
Methods inherited from class jxl.biff.RecordData
getCode, getRecord
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Field Detail


private double margin
The size of the margin
Constructor Detail


protected MarginRecord(Type t,
                       Record r)
Constructs this record from the raw data
Method Detail


double getMargin()
Accessor for the margin
the margin