Class StyleXFRecord

All Implemented Interfaces:
ByteData, CellFormat

public class StyleXFRecord
extends XFRecord

A style XF Record

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XFRecord.BiffType, XFRecord.XFType
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align, backgroundColour, biff7, biff8, biffType, bottomBorder, cell, copied, date, dateFormat, dateFormats, excelFormat, font, fontIndex, format, formatIndex, formatInfoInitialized, formattingRecords, hidden, initialized, javaDateFormats, javaNumberFormats, leftBorder, locked, number, numberFormat, numberFormats, options, orientation, parentFormat, pattern, read, rightBorder, shrinkToFit, style, topBorder, usedAttributes, valign, wrap, xfFormatType, xfIndex
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code, record
Constructor Summary
StyleXFRecord(FontRecord fnt, DisplayFormat form)
Method Summary
 void setCellOptions(int opt)
          Sets the raw cell options.
 void setLocked(boolean l)
          Sets whether or not this XF record locks the cell
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getBytes, handleContinueRecords
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getCode, getRecord
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Constructor Detail


public StyleXFRecord(FontRecord fnt,
                     DisplayFormat form)
fnt - the font for this style
form - the format of this style
Method Detail


public final void setCellOptions(int opt)
Sets the raw cell options. Called by WritableFormattingRecord when setting the built in cell formats
opt - the cell options


public void setLocked(boolean l)
Sets whether or not this XF record locks the cell
l - the locked flag
WriteException -