Class LabelSSTRecord

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cell, LabelCell

class LabelSSTRecord
extends CellValue
implements LabelCell

A label which is stored in the shared string table

Field Summary
private  int index
          The index into the shared string table
private  java.lang.String string
          The label
Fields inherited from class jxl.read.biff.CellValue
column, format, formattingRecords, initialized, row, sheet, xfIndex
Fields inherited from class jxl.biff.RecordData
code, record
Constructor Summary
LabelSSTRecord(Record t, SSTRecord stringTable, FormattingRecords fr, SheetImpl si)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getContents()
          Gets this cell's contents as a string
 java.lang.String getString()
          Gets the label
 CellType getType()
          Returns the cell type
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getCellFormat, getColumn, getRow, getSheet, getXFIndex, isHidden
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getCode, getRecord
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Field Detail


private int index
The index into the shared string table


private java.lang.String string
The label
Constructor Detail


public LabelSSTRecord(Record t,
                      SSTRecord stringTable,
                      FormattingRecords fr,
                      SheetImpl si)
Constructor. Retrieves the index from the raw data and looks it up in the shared string table
stringTable - the shared string table
t - the raw data
fr - the formatting records
si - the sheet
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getString()
Gets the label
Specified by:
getString in interface LabelCell
the label


public java.lang.String getContents()
Gets this cell's contents as a string
Specified by:
getContents in interface Cell
the label


public CellType getType()
Returns the cell type
Specified by:
getType in interface Cell
the cell type