Package jxl.biff

Interface Summary
ByteData Interface which provides a method for transferring chunks of binary data from one Excel file (read in) to another (written out)
DisplayFormat The interface implemented by the various number and date format styles.
FormulaData Interface which is used for copying formulas from a read only to a writable spreadsheet

Class Summary
BaseCompoundFile Contains the common data for a compound file
BuiltInFormat The excel string for the various built in formats.
BuiltInStyle Represents a built in, rather than a user defined, style.
CellReferenceHelper A helper to transform between excel cell references and sheet:column:row notation Because this function will be called when generating a string representation of a formula, the cell reference will merely be appened to the string buffer instead of returning a full blooded string, for performance reasons
DoubleHelper Class to help handle doubles
EmptyCell An empty cell.
FontRecord A record containing the necessary data for the font information
FontRecord.Biff7 Dummy indicators for overloading the constructor
Fonts A container for the list of fonts used in this workbook
FormatRecord A non-built format record
FormattingRecords The list of XF records and formatting records for the workbook
IndexMapping This class is a wrapper for a list of mappings between indices.
IntegerHelper Converts excel byte representations into integers
PaletteRecord A record representing the RGB colour palette
PaletteRecord.RGB The internal RGB structure
RecordData The record data within a record
SheetRangeImpl Implementation class for the Range interface.
StringHelper Helper function to convert Java string objects to and from the byte representations
Type The biff types
WorkspaceInformationRecord A record detailing whether the sheet is protected
WritableRecordData Extension of the standard RecordData which is used to support those records which, once read, may also be written
XFRecord Holds an extended formatting record

Exception Summary
NumFormatRecordsException Excel places a constraint on the number of format records that are allowed.